How to Pack a Summer Bag - with Sun Protection in Mind

Having a sun safe routine starts with packing the right stuff. Add these to your bag to stay protected when you’re outside for long periods of time.

- A wide brim hat that goes all the way around shielding your face, ears and back of the neck. 

 - UPF clothing that covers areas prone to exposure like your chest, shoulders and upper back. 

 - Sunscreen for your face and body. ⁠Set a reminder on your phone to reapply every two hours.

- Sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays.⁠⁠


I sometimes feel like 'oh well, the damage has already been done' with all the times I visited tanning beds in my teen years. But it's all about moving forward with new & better routines no matter where you're starting from. Having some go-to staples already in your bag is a great way to start.


Here are my favorites: 

Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop

I love the texture of this sunscreen. It's incredibly light and velvety. I keep one in my purse and one by the front door. 



Lorna Murray Hats 

Ok, yes, these hats are pricey but they are gorgeous. I don't own one (yet) but they're on my style board.


Sunglass Chain from Etsy

I'm constantly loosing my sunglasses so a chain is a must. Bonus points: it's cute and customizable. 


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